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Cloud Computing Hosting in Hyderabad

In simple terms, cloud hosting is an internet driven, on-demand computing technology that is based on the principles of shared storage and processing of all underlying computing hardware. It relies on a network of multiple web servers connected to one another in a complex and wide network to deliver required computing functions. Cloud computing technologies can be considered as an advanced version of grid computing which functioned on a similar concept of multiple computing resources working together to perform a common function.

Cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting models. In cloud hosting, data storage is not confined to a single server but spread across multiple servers. This multiplicity safeguards users from system failures, as failure in one server will prompt another server to continue delivering the service. That too, in an automated mode. is a SEO Company. we offers cloud computing hosting in hyderabad, web hosting company in hyderabad, Cloud Computing Services in hyderabad, Cloud Hosting Services in hyderabad, dedicated cloud server hosting in hyderabad.

Cloud hosting service providers deliver its services to clients on a services model rather than a traditional product model – dedicated or shared. Users are charged depending on their infrastructure usage rather than a fixed monthly or annual charge. Also, users have the freedom to increase or decrease add-on computing resources like RAM, storage, Bandwidth according to their needs and get charged accordingly. This entire process is managed with a back-end panel so that users have control over their IT infrastructure and align their required resources in quick turnaround times without affecting their business. Clients benefit from this model as they can provision computing resources at short notice during peak business periods and remove it during off-peak business periods. It results in significant cost savings for users and is one of the prime reasons for the growing popularity of cloud hosting technology.

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Web hosting Plan : you can upload html website, php website or any other website.


Space : 1 GB (1024 MB)

Database : 1 (Mysql)

Domain Registration : 1 free

Bandwidth : 10000

Email: 3

One control panel and One FTP

Server: Linux

Server Location : USA

Cost of this :3500/ year

Contact on mobile: 09032803895

A domain name refers to the name of your website. Domain names are unique and must therefore be registered. A domain name consists of a name (such as your company name) and extensions like com, org, net,
Web Hosting:
  • 1024 MB of Website Storage
  • 200 GB Website Transfer
  • Bandwidth on demand

  • 120 Email Accounts
  • Webmail Access
  • Spam Filtering

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